Venture financing – Corporate Management


As international experience shows, sustainable long-term economic development of a country depends bolshey least not on its resource capabilities, and on innovation.
Through innovation, science has become a direct productive force, and innovations in the form of intangible assets – mainly economic development of the capital. Financing of innovation, carried out with the help of venture capital investment around the world is recognized as one of the most effective mechanisms for accelerating the innovation processes in the economy.Business finance

Currently, global private equity industry, which include venture capital investments, growing and developing actively. This process strengthens the chain of financing enterprises in different countries. Creation of infrastructure plays an important role in attracting capital to its investment mainly in private enterprises, helping these companies grow and develop.
The main difference from the direct venture capital investments in the fact that the financing of enterprises is carried out at an early stage and expansion stage, and mainly in high-tech innovative projects. Occupying a small share in the total volume of direct investments, venture capital activity, however, performs a major role in the implementation of innovation, commercialization of results of research and development (R & D) and accelerate progress in the sphere of material production.

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