The quantity of money on earth depends what to name money

Whether you gave a thought ever, how many all money on earth? Answer difficultly enough.

“The quantity of money on earth depends what to name money. Which more abstractly to describe this concept, the above there will be figures”, – marks Jeff Dezhardan is an editor of publishing house Visual Capitalist.

pile of cash money

If to money to carry only currencies, such as banknotes, coins and the financial assets placed on deposits or bank accounts, in general it is possible to count about $80,9 trillion.

However, if to consider crypto-currency Bitcoin, gold and the means invested in various financial products, such as derivatives this sum will be estimated by thousand billions.

The means invested in derivatives, make $1,2 thousand billion. It turns out, that in derivatives it is enclosed more money, than in all share markets of the world together taken – $70 trillion.

Investments into the commercial real estate ($7,6 trillion) are insignificant in comparison with shares and derivatives.

If to speak about money which the population of a planet as a whole owns, they reach $199 trillion, and 29% have been received on credit since time of financial crisis 2008.

On a fraction of the USA it is necessary third of world debts, whereas on a fraction of the Europe – 26%, and Japan – 20%.

To a word, on a fraction of China which often criticize for high parameters of debts, it is necessary only 6%.

And, finally, the total cost of currency Bitcoin worldwide makes $5 billion – is drop in the sea.

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