The National Network of Business Angels

b76d433fd41d5889a064FROM $ 10,000 TO $ 1,000,000 DOLLARS

In order to raise serious money, you need something more than crowdfunding. How can we attract more funds into your project?

In this case, help “business angels”. Who is it?

“Business angels” – people who want to, and most importantly can invest in your startup from 10 thousand to 1 million dollars.

At the moment, the majority of start-ups consist only of engineers and designers. For such projects, there is no need to hire sales professionals, marketers need only.

Nowadays, more than 3 billion people regularly use the Internet, every year an increasing number of mobile users who enter the network through smartphones. Even 10 years ago the foundation of Internet users were men, today a solid leadership for women.

It is extremely popular today, and social networks. A large number of businesses are looking for new customers as well as keep in touch with old clients via Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr. Help attract more customers and Google, Apple and Android.

Even 10 years ago in order to use these capabilities, it was necessary to spend large amounts of time and money. What today can be implemented over the last month, previously took years. Now to find customers, millions are not needed. Modern companies using the Internet to effectively promote their products and sometimes even investment rounds.

Sites like AngelList, intended to raise funds, provide a wealth of information about “business angels”. These technologies can significantly increase the quality and quantity of technology start-ups worldwide.
Today, many people are willing to do “angel” investments in new growth companies, thus becoming a venture capitalist, or to invest in venture capital fund.
AngelList project has created around himself a lot of noise. But, despite this, its turnover is not as great as it seems. Why is that? Just such projects do not allow the investor to feel that he is a partner in the business, because he does not have a stake in the business. For this reason, these online exchange non-public companies as or, have high turnover and average checks.

For example, in 2012 the turnover was more than $ 500 million (the resource itself earns a percentage of the transaction, takes 3-5%). An analogue of the project in Russia – a resource that helps attract investment from a wide range of people, allowing the investor to rely on part of the profits, and sometimes even a share in the company. It all depends on the amount invested in the start-up funds. In this case, it does not matter, your business is innovative or classic.

American support for investors Angel List in 2012 with a platform SecondMarket began working not only with the large sums of investment, but also mikrovlozheniyami. Such a move is much easier life for beginners to invest money here can now everyone who has $ 1,000 on the map. There are certain restrictions relating to the impact on the management of the company. This resource is for the first 30 days of the investment took more than $ 12 million.

There is another no less interesting project, which allows you to invest in logic “invest in a business in your area.” This, among other things, the basic rule of Warren Buffett.

It makes sense to draw your attention to the project CircleUp, which aims to invest in “real small and medium businesses.” In other words, the business that you can understand and see. This area will give you the funds collected, even if you will not be able to collect all the necessary for the realization of the idea of ​​the amount. KickStarter in this case will return all funds to investors.

It is worth noting that the really good and promising projects a little, and “angels” are many. More than 100 venture capital firms are now working in Silicon Valley (venture capital firms are small start-ups do not fund), in addition, more than 300 individual organizations ‘business angels’. This state of affairs greatly complicates the life of the small investor, because he needs to get through to a promising start-up of large investors.

Why is the US so effectively operate such projects? The United States strongly supports the direction of the collective investment in new companies over the Internet.The National Network of Business Angels

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