The credit for the development of small businesses without collateral

As the experience of the developed countries for the development and sustainable development of the financial infrastructure essential conditions for small business is an active government policy, which largely determines the appropriate form and small business financing schemes, in subsequently become traditional for certain national economic system. people

Currently, microcredit technology used in more than 125 countries around the world, they appeared abroad in the mid-80 XX century and are developing rapidly.

The basis for such a rapid the spread of microcredit is its exceptional effectiveness in improving the material conditions poor and thorough assistance micro-credit from the state. Entrepreneurs many developed countries around the world the opportunity to receive concessional loans. Thus, for example, in US small finance Entrepreneurship implies the existence of a system public and independent private alternative small business financing.

This government intervention in financial infrastructure for small businesses characterized as the immediate establishment of criteria for small businesses, and direct financing and support for small businesses. For these purposes in 1953 was created by the US Small Business Administration (SBA) .Financing operating nationwide branches SBA, a variety of inter-regional division and about 1,000 local
The center carries out the federal government.

They provide various services related to specific projects in various fields activity (by business at home to the international trade of technical assistance to qualified business analysis and processing loan applications).

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