Starting a Business in Canada: A step by step guide

Opening of business operations in Canada:

Step of the first. Think up idea, check up her on viability in realities (marketing research) and make competent business-plan.

make business plan

Step of the second. Choose most favourable, for your business operations, pattern of ownership, consult for this purpose in Center of help to short business. Short business conforms to following patterns of ownership:

  1. Sole Proprietorship. In translation — “sole owner”, the analogue our individual businessman.
  2. General Partnership. Some owners which divide collective responsibility.
  3. Corporation. Some owners which bear the separate responsibility.

need capital to start

Step of the third. Be defined with the sum of the starting capital (from 5 up to 30 thousand dollars for conducting short business) and make the cost proposal of expenses.

Opening of business operations in Canada: Step of the fourth. Think up a name to the business. For the sum which is not exceeding 100 dollars, to you will tell, whether this name is free. If you will name business by the name such check is not required.

Step of the fifth. If realization of production \services theoretically (by estimation of) exceeds 30 thousand dollars year then it is necessary for you to be registered by Management under taxes.

Step of the sixth. Insure your business.

Canadian government, specially for potential businessmen-immigrants, has developed National Entrepreneurship Test. You easily can download this test on the Internet. By results be written recommendations and the general assessment of yours business-prospects in this Insurance


Start business in Canada great deal easier, than in located by a number of USA. As of today, in Canada lowest (in the world) cost of the electric power and the lowest profit tax. And government continues to pursue policy, the begun 100 more years back — policy of settling of the huge country natives from all world, ready to work for blessing of in Canada easier

And in summary, we shall result the list of useful sites for businessmen who are going to work in Canada:

  1. For filling all documents and especially annual reports:
    Corporations Canada Online Filing Centre.
  2. All tax documents:
    Frequently Requested Tax Forms.

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