SBA advisory assistance programme in management

To date, the number of programs to collect about fifty, and each of them has its own specific objectives of the segment, customers and the conditions of participation. In addition, the program constantly updated, developed and are functioning new directions. The largest of them are “504”, “7a” and “7M”.make money easy

The program “504” provides loans to expand and modernization of small businesses operating across investment funds. After the analysis of the enterprises under the “504” is allocated long-term loan (to for 10 to 20 years) for the purchase of real estate, equipment, technologies. The maximum loan amount must not more than $ 1 million, and available under the guarantee 40% of the loan.

Under the program «7a» participants can get small business state guarantees for loans to small businesses, which generally available to budding entrepreneurs. A special feature of this program is that loans It is not provided by the government and commercial organizations. To guarantee the company must comply certain requirements: the standard size of a small enterprise, lack of availability of internal sources of financing, commercial nature of the activities, as well as attach importance business reputation, as well as the history of the credit relationship founders and some others.

The warranty on 75% of the loan amount to no more than 750 thousand. dollars. USA; 80% -not more than 100 thousand US dollars Regarding the timing of the provision of guarantees, up to 10 years for working capital and up to 25 years for investment purposes, other interest rates are not exceed 2.75 point rate loan.

The program “7M” provided short-term loans worth up to 35 thousand. dollars. USA. This program is determined for small businesses and non-profit organizations that need capital inflows and support for opening and expansion of production. Provided directly to the Special designated intermediary organizations representing intermediate between the creditor and the Small Business Administration borrower. These non-profit organizations with experience in credit and technical support.

money and calculatorTogether with the Ministry of Trade SBA to create a center of support exports, which lend to small businesses export operations. Besides order activity SBA is news support and training of entrepreneurs, which, for example, implement in reality a group of SCORE, working with the SBA and unifying More than 10,000 current and former managers and owners small businesses.

Almost 400 branches of such groups held a variety of training courses. Special group in this direction are centers for women entrepreneurs (WBCs), who specialize in preparation for the management of small businesses Business lady.

Federal funding activities of SBA Government. A large proportion of funds determined for lending traditional programs of small business development, approved in For many years (“7a”). The set of programs focusing on modernization of enterprises (“504”), in terms of funding is less than a quarter of the budget, with the significant costs of assistance in the acquisition of equipment, implementation of construction the lowest price, not the value of the services provided. A small portion of the budget is on microcredit (“7M”), which It is often unprofitable. It should be noted that the activities of SBA brings not only immediate benefits of increasing gross domestic product, and profits, despite the fact that 85% of customers served by SBA, go bankrupt within a year.

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