Cafes in Germany. What you need to do.

1336974698_260252_93In order to open and register in Germany, small entrepreneurs, to you, except for the presence in your wallet 15-30 euros need only one document – the passport.

A little harder to open a coffee shop or restaurant, however, and this problem is solved surprisingly simple and completely legal.
You can, for example, open a room next to the house something like a bistro.

The simplest form of a small enterprise legally assumes no association of capital and of persons. That is, there is no need to register a legal entity. In Germany, such an individual or joint ventures referred Gewerbe. In Russian it is difficult to translate, it means something like the old merchant concepts – fishing.

So, to start a small business, its fishery, it is enough:

1. show your passport (identity card)

2. write the application, which will be painted, what firm is going to do,

3. pay a small (15 to 30 euros) a registration fee.

The whole procedure takes only a few minutes.

On registration of the restaurant or bistro takes all the same a little more time. After all, catering to businesses around the world are presented special requirements related, as you might imagine, with the sanitary standards of this state.

You will need to present a medical certificate of non-communicable diseases you have and spend half a day in the Chamber of Commerce where you read a paid lecture about hygiene – for 50 euros.

Then you get the so-called concession – that is, the right to sell alcoholic beverages on the territory of its establishments catering. Such a concession for establishments with 50 seats will pull 800 euros.

Authorities in Germany did not put a spoke in the wheel businessmen, and, of course, do not extort bribes – they are more assistants hand out useful tips to help newcomers quickly get permission, so they quickly got up and began to Stora work normally.

Does the German officials the differences between native Germans and migrants?

This question is probably the main for the Russians. According to witnesses, a very large percentage of the owners of catering in Germany – namely foreigners. Of the three dozen cafes and restaurants in the capital of only 15-20% belong to native Germans. Basically, the owners are foreigners.

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