New announcement of Newtek Business Services Corp

Newtek, a recognized authority on full service solutions, lending and full end financing, opened its new office at 1981, Marcus Ave, New York, on the 11 th of April, 2016. This business development company’s new office is able to accommodate 214 employees.

At the moment the office houses 114 employees of Newtek and its branch companies. This event proves further development of the company and its success on the market of the USA. Being a non-bank lender, an internally managed Newtek Business Services Corp. offers excellent opportunities for its customers: a longer terms of loans, that allow lower payout percentage and better rates for effective financing. Moreover they manage to do this without hard paperwork, that makes it attractive for clients.

Unlike banks, Newtek organizes a condensed process for its clients to ensure a full understanding of loan procedures. Business Development Corporation proposes a range of qualitative financial services products for medium and small businesses under well known Newtek® brand. It has provided cost-efficient products, efficient business strategies and services to more than 100,000 SMB. Since 1999 Newtek helped small enterprises to develop, grow their sales, reduce their risks and control their expenses. The institution makes the process of loaning simpler and less hard for their customers. Simplicity and dedication distinguish Newtekfrom other lenders.

Newtek‘s services include: Insurance Services, Electronic Payment Processing, eCommerce, Business Lending, Managed Technology Solutions,Data Backup, The Secure Gateway, Web Services, Cloud Computing, Accounts Receivable Financing, Storage and Retrieval, Payroll and others.

Lets hope that claimed mission of Newtek to help businesses succeed becomes mutual for both sides.