Loans for small business development loans

attachment_13In 1953, the United States created the Federal Agency – Administration US Small Business Administration, which still upholds and protects the interests of small businesses at the governmental level. And the branches of the organization is present in all major cities, thereby supporting small business policy applies to all states, not just the main economic centers of the United States. The main tasks of the Administration of the Small Business Administration and its branches:

  • assistance in obtaining a loan for the business;
  • technical and information support of small businesses in the United States;
  • provide loan guarantees for business;
  • direct subsidies and loans to small businesses at the expense of its own budget.

In the United States very well developed system of criteria which is determined by a small business. These criteria depend on the activity of a small business and the industry in which it operates. In some areas the determining factor is the number of people working in the company, in others – turnover and profit.

In addition to the Federal Agency for the observance of legal legislation regarding small businesses Advocates created a special department, which defends the interests of business in the courts and Congress. US authorities in his conception of economic development assign small businesses a major role. The reports of the US government ministers constantly slips is the same idea that a small business – an important lever for recovery of the entire economy as a whole.

Already here clearly show a difference in the development of small businesses in the United States. In our country, the government is only now began to pay attention to small businesses, and small businesses have been forced at the time to develop yourself, to survive, tax evasion, etc. While the United States has long been a small business initially is a priority of the economy at the state level. The US experience in the creation of various programs of small business is very valuable, and all the programs actually work, provide for specific mechanisms to implement them.

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