Loans and advances to help businesses in Canada

Canada, with view of attraction active businessmen, creates all conditions that you could be engaged in business in its territory. For this purpose government willingly gives out lending and credits. Here some possibilities which you can use.

First, it is state program CSBF.

Under program agricultural, charitable as well as religious enterprises aren’t financed.

state program CSBF

To be guided by the given program it is possible provided that the revenue of your enterprise makes less than $5 mln. (this figure undertakes at the rate of last “fiscal year” in which you address for the loan).

Under the given program you can receive loan for 10 years. To you will give out sum which doesn’t exceed figure in $250 000. You will pay from 2 up to 3 annual interest rates.

Secondly, Canada Immigrant Investor Program

It’s program is created specially for immigrants and financed by immigrants who rise on legs — in the help to the beginning colleagues. To receive particulars, you need to address for explanations in Business Service Centre is a business centre at each province and region of Canada.

Immigrant Investor Programs

In the third, there is program for “young businessmens” (age from 18 till 29 years). Business Development Bank of Canada will provide to you the fullest information under this program.

Besides as the small businessman, you can take advantage of usual bank crediting. Banks which work with small businessmen, it, basically, charter banks, such as:

– Bank of Montreal;
– Royal Bank of Canada;
– Scotibank.

Money to small business, in this or that form, the leasing companies also give out.

investor immigration program

By the way speaking, in Canada as of today is observed “crisis of overproduction” medical workers-immigrants, as well as every possible sellers of legal services. The loan under the listed activity already hardly will manage to be taken.

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