Inside Germany, the number of counterfeits in nominal value increased in 2015 by 51% in circulation.

Never, from the moment of introduction of euro in 2002, in countries euro of zone from a turn did not withdraw so much false banknotes, as in 2015. On it has informed the European central bank.eurounion

The total of the false banknotes withdrawn in 2015 has made 899 thousand.

Inside of Germany the quantity of counterfeit denominations in circulation grown in 2015 on 51%.

Thereon financial system of country has suffered losses on 4,4 million euro, that almost on 1 million euro it is more, than in previous, to 2014.

However, in 2004 and 2005 losses were even more and have made 6,1 million euro and 4,9 million euro accordingly. Then counterfeiters is much more often forged denominations of higher face value — basically for 100 and 200 euros.

Euro banknotes denominations

The losses caused in the past to year a world financial system, make up 39 million euro.

Counterfeiters forge denominations face value in 20 euros more often — they make almost half from all volume of false money in a world turnover. At same time in Germany swindlers prefer a banknote, face value in 50 euros. Almost half, withdrawn from a turn in the country, false money (49 %) this face value.

Growth of quantity of fakes in a turnover money euro of zone forces the European central bank take appropriating measures.

So, in November 2015 has been let out the new banknote in 20 euros with much higher level of protection.

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