Forex banks in 2016

Western Europe | Deutsche Bank

Platform Autobahn FX is in the lead in area of currency commerce in the Europe. In October 2015 bank has presented a new range of positional indexes (Corax) which pay off on the basis of data of this platform.

deutsche bank logo
The Deutsche Bank in New York City. (Photo by Mario Tama)

Corax covers currencies G10, as well as most liquid of currencies of developing markets. Autobahn allow to clients possible perform transboundary payments in more than 120 currencies, not requiring special currency accounts.

Northern Europe | Nordea

Stockholm Nordea provides the spectrum of services by means of an electronic platform e-Markets and is the leading supplier of liquidity in currencies of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

bank nordea

Having branches, in quantity of 1400 pieces, the bank combines traditional services with online-commerce and totals more than 11 million clients, among which 700 000 corporations.

Central and Eastern Europe | Societe Generale

Societe Generale totals 3800 branches in region whereas in Russia it owns 99,5 percent actions of Rosbank. Besides SG conducts the vigorous activity on the rouble markets.

Bank Societe Generale

Trading platform Alpha which offers bank, connects clients to trading platforms through streaming spot prices. In 18 countries to which presented SG, it offers both standard services, and the developed services under individual needs of the client.

Asia-Pacific Region | ANZ

ANZ works in 29 countries of region, as well as enters into a three of foreign banks of China whereas in Australia is the largest investor. The bank renders services for more than 140 currency pairs.

anz bank

He has provided a possibility to trade in yuan in China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan. In April 2015 bank has presented application Currency by ANZ which can use retail enterprises of Australia.

Southeast Asia | DBS BANK

Being the leader in dollar commerce in Singapore, it expands the possibilities on commerce in yuan.

Bank DBS

Besides the bank works with currencies of Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.

Near East | National Bank of Kuwait (NBK)

The national bank of Kuwait works with more than 80 currencies and satisfies needs of corporate clients.

National Bank of Kuwait (NBK)
National Bank of Kuwait (NBK)

In Egypt it offers competitive exchange rates and currency hedging.

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