Financing of the company in Germany. Where can an investor?

e27bb3ac4f_300cropA series of lowering interest rates in the euro has led to loans to finance the business, even with an average rating of solvency issued by 3-4% per annum. If we consider that such a plan are allocated loans for 10-20 years, and the first few years, borrowers are exempt from the reimbursement of the loan amount and pay only the interest, the conditions in general can be called attractive.

On the question naturally arises as to whether to receive such a loan company, established in Germany, the Russians, not easy to answer. On the one hand examples of the preparation of such loans, there are a lot of them. On the other hand, to pass all the required path is not easy. This article will show only the points that it makes sense to take account of the applicant Russian German bank loan.

  • As worldwide credit in Germany is the result of confidence. Therefore, the main task of the borrower: convince a banker to its reliability. If the United States the main criterion is the quality of the business idea, the German bank employee looks first and foremost for the team, which will do business: directors, employees, founders of the company. It is important to show that the team is comprised of entrepreneurs and professionals with extensive experience. It is desirable that the team includes professionals with experience in Germany. This is due not to shovenizmom, and the fact that the Germans almost did not believe the Russian papers, but the evidence provided by German organizations believe, even in the case if they consider them relevant.
  • Word for the Germans due to the mentality is difficult, so the whole presentation of the project must be documented. Demand for products is confirmed reservation, the efficiency of applied technologies – expert opinions, the assessment of market capacity – authoritative research institutions, etc. For the reasons described in the preceding paragraph, it is highly desirable that these documents came from German organizations.
  • Returning to the business idea is to say that the German bankers do not have to hit the novelty or originality of the theme approach. All this is of secondary importance to him. It is important however to make sure that it is on its own level, even without special knowledge understand what business prospects. There all good, until brought with them prototypes, samples and so on.
  • Of great importance is the company’s branch. Every major tank is in Germany’s own system for monitoring industry trends. If some industries are multiplying cases of plant closures, it falls into the semi-blacklist. The regular “customers” of such lists are catering, taxis, maintenance vehicles. Recently, among the outcasts turned the whole retail financed through advertising online portals and road transport. We can not say that for all of these industries financing closed, but the conditions under which the loan may get properly be called draconian.
  • Another factor is the ratio of the loan amount and the borrower’s own funds. The greater the share of own funds in the total amount of funding, the higher the chances to attract borrowed funds. At the same time, the German bank is ready to be attributed to the equity of the borrower all the money that the borrower is able to mobilize, without transferring their property as collateral. In particular, along with the actual available cash to equity include:
  • property of the borrower, which may be used in the project,
  • funds that are available to the borrower a third party without security,
  • as well as subsidies that the borrower receives most of the state.

In order to make a good impression on the bank it is desirable to show that at least 25% of total funding covered by the equity of the enterprise-borrower. If the equity to the extent not, you can deliberately inflate the amount of funding to include a for example, intangible assets that the borrower is de facto already has, and then show that the funds for the purchase of these assets will be received from partners not applying for bail or guarantees. At the same time increasing the amount of debt financing and the amount of equity the borrower increases the proportion of equity capital to the desired value.

  • The issue of bank guarantees in Germany, there is not at once. First, the bank considers the initiative, assessing the team, the market, technology and so forth., And only if all these points the project seems convincing, begins the discussion of how the loan will be guaranteed. Firms set up in Germany, the Russians difficult to offer quality collateral as assets located in Russia German banks as collateral do not recognize. As liquid collateral can be considered a guarantee of the largest Russian banks, but they were not accessible to all Russian businessmen. May be a viable alternative to guarantee the specialized German state-owned banks. If the project in Germany, there are more jobs or is the development of advanced technologies, these guarantees can be provided to the extent necessary. In addition, the federal KfW bank can provide unsecured loans to enterprises to increase equity up to 40% of the total funding.

The main thing: the process of raising debt financing in Germany requires time and patience. Haste the potential borrower, the bank is perceived as a signal of a troubled situation, and bail out bankers, alas, do not like.

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