Crowdfunding platform

From $ 5,000 – $ 50,000 DOLLARS. 

Crowdfunding – a system that brings together people who want to invest, to invest in promising new ideas.

Usually, all these processes are like by means of the payment of contributions over the Internet. It is worth noting that in Russia such kraudfandingovyh sites is very small, but they are actively recruiting its momentum. In Ukraine, these resources do not.

How successful crowdfunding projects?

Advances different. For example, in 2012 a popular project has collected more than $ 300 million, combining with more than 2 million people worldwide, making them participants in the set businesses are born.

Kraudfandingovyh similar projects for several dozen. All you need to become a part of a startup – a bank card and money on river

Depending on the amount of investment reward for investors may be the product itself, and for the production of which is to collect money, or share in the project, which is funded. For example, for the production of Pebble hours it was collected $ 10 million. These are the hours and made the award for most investors. If the company put his product on the kraudfandingovuyu area produces some gadgets or electronics, the crowdfunding is more prepayment of goods with deferred delivery.

Please note that crowdfunding is not investing in the usual sense. With crowdfunding people who invest their money, the so-called backers, receives no share in the projects it finances, and certain privileges or the product itself, the creation of which was organized to raise money.

Take part in such a project everyone can. It does not matter what country living donor, he may at any time to finance via kickstarter and credit card whichever it start.

In exchange for their money the investor receives a coupon, or rather e-mail, confirming your participation in the project. Please note that e-mail has no legal force. People who organize fundraising, value their reputation, so the reliability of the transaction can not be doubted. Following the transaction, the organizer is obliged to provide you with a product, for which funds are collected. In other words, an investor simply makes an advance purchase, and this is quite advantageous, because reservations are always cheaper. Kraudfandingovye check the seriousness of projects (at least require a business plan) and closely monitor how developing large projects for companies that have been funded.

Kickstarter project has a large number of analogues in the world. The most popular are:

  • gofundme;
  • indiegogo;
  • crowdrise;
  • giveforward;
  • rockethub;
  • crowdilt;
  • fundable;
  • crowdfunder;
  • fundrazr.

They are all different, but one thing unites them – crowdfunding. Each of these resources, has its advantages. For example, Indiegogo is actively working with non-US projects and Crowdilt launched a public API to create a similar resource.

Russia has already been active for about 20 such projects. But we have to admit that the amounts they collect, substantially lower than on foreign resources. Unfortunately, Russian investors are not yet ready for micro investment. We will not prevaricate, but the crisis is also not the best way affects the crowdfunding in Russia.

Kickstarter reminds its users that they are the only platform that brings together investors and creators of the product. For further conduct of the transaction, they do not respond. But in turn Kickstarter does everything that all transactions took place as transparently as possible.

Please note that not all projects collect the needed funds. According to statistics from the site, only 40% of projects are shot. Also it is necessary to understand that the serious money on large-scale projects here you are unlikely to be able to collect.
Unfortunately, the Russian attitude towards crowdfunding quite ambiguous. He is perceived as either a backhanded way of attracting additional investment (something like pyramid schemes) or as a movement wonderful people who collect funds for interesting projects.

In fact crowdfunding – is a great way to get additional funds for a new breakthrough project, and also to address the economic efficiency of start-up companies.
Due to the fact that in Russia at the moment crowdfunding does not collect a large amount of funds, Russian entrepreneurs are forced to raise funds for their start-ups in the United States or in other countries.

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