Business loans [Credit, Loans] – A loan is money provided to person or company now that must be repaid later. Credit may be described as a loan that is provided by the lender (bank, etc.) to the borrower in exchange of future payments (interest). Business loan is a form of bank loan. Banks are the main financial intermediaries. One of the main services provided by the bank is lending money. Entrepreneurs and businesses sometimes need to lend some money and to find reliable intermediary.
Business loan is becoming more and more popular way to raise money for the firm. The essence of corporate lending is that the bank doesn’t assess the creditworthiness of the borrower, and provides loans on more favorable conditions for the borrower. The borrower, who wants to get a loan, must comply with all the bank’s requirements. Requirements are usually the following:
• borrower should have citizenship of the country in which takes loan;
• the age of the borrower at the end of the loan agreement shall not exceed the retirement age;
• the borrower should be at least 21 years old

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