Business Challenges In developed countries, for other countries citizens

Language problem – one of main things which should to be solved beginner businessman in Canada. Even, if you solve, that will extremely work with the Russian-speaking population, the knowledge of English language is absolutely necessary, as contacts to an English-speaking environment (registration of business, dialogue with suppliers, conducting accounting department, payment of taxes, the publication of advertising, etc.) to not avoid.

business teamwork

Besides the business calculated only on Russian-speaking immigrants, will give modest enough profit as Russian in Canada make minority: in 1 year of all from 2 up to 5 thousand person which are speaking Russian here immigrates, and, in fact, all in Canada there lives more than 30 million person. Therefore, little exaggerating, it’s possible to tell what to open, for example, business to Toronto calculated on the Russian-speaking population, all the same, what to open business in Novosibirsk, calculated, for example, on Latvians. And financial possibilities of the Russian-speaking population are usually very limited.

knowledge of language

What level of knowledge of language is considered sufficient for conducting own business? Apparently, a lexicon should be not less than 5000 words (with the subsequent development within the nearest 3 years still same quantity), and, thus, it’s necessary to be able to write without the dictionary the small composition (on 2 pages) on the set subject matter with proper structure and the organization of the text; to read and understand without the dictionary the text of average complexity; the nobility and to be able to apply base rules of grammar and, certainly, to conduct conversation with the partner personally or via phone. In 10 thousand words it’s possible to consider stock sufficient for work with customers and suppliers, business contacts and current correspondence.

Rivalry is a very widespread phenomenon in Canada. Your competitors will be both compatriots, and local population.

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