Benefits of Foreign predprenimateley worldwide

Own company in Germany – is the following advantages for foreign entrepreneurs not only in Germany but all over the world:

  1. Sales of goods and services under the German brand name.оформление-бизнеса-в-германии
  2. The ability to import into the Russian machinery, equipment and dr.tovary without customs duties and VAT, as the share capital of the joint venture.
  3. Money invested in the Russian company of your German company, are protected as foreign investment.
  4. The return of value added tax in Germany.
  5. German bank account, credit cards, check books.
  6. Doing business, opening branches across the EU.
  7. Multiple annual business visa in Germany.
  8. Insurance at reduced rates, provided for a German company.
  9. Obtaining grants and subsidies in Germany.
  10. Getting loans in German banks.

The possibility of obtaining a residence permit in Germany, the company founder and his family continue to receive German citizenship.

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