$305 billion in combined were missing the richest people in 2015

400 richest people of planet for first two weeks of current year have lost $305 bn in aggregate because of falling the world markets of shares.oil money

The index of billionaires which have been calculated in agency Bloomberg, has specified reduction of a condition of 400 richest people of planet for first two weeks of current year in aggregate on $305 bn because of falling the world markets of actions.

Including, for last week they have lost from above $115 billion.

From beginning of year pure cost of actives of 76 billionaires has decreased not less, than on $1 billion Moreover, 7 person have lost this sum only for one day — on Friday when share index Dow Jones Industrial Average has decreased on 2,4%, and European Stoxx Europe 600 has passed in “bearish” phase, having fallen off more than on 20% since April, marks agency.

Jeffrey Bezos founder Amazon
Jeffrey Bezos founder Amazon.com

Most strongly injured founder Amazon.com, Jeff Bezos who has borrowed the fourth line in list richest people of planet. In January of its loss have made $8,9 bn, including $1,9 bn on Friday when shares of its company have fallen in price on 3,85%.

Condition of richest person in world, Bill Gates, in it to year has decreased for $6,8 billion. Richest person of China, Wang Jianlin, has missed $6,4 billion.

Only nine billionaires from list Bloomberg managed to increase from beginning of year the condition. The most successful has appeared Indian businessman Mukesh Ambani – chairman of board directors Reliance Industries Ltd., which condition has increased for $620 million.

Pure cost of actives 400 richest people of planet is now estimated in $3,6 trillion, that on 16 % below peak value in $4,3 trillion, fixed in May, 2015.

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